Wellier - Microenvironment as a service

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Wellier®  - Microenvironment as a Service

Most noteworthy is the innovation Wellier®. It is equipped on top of workstations to create a safe, inclusive, and healthy workplace by taking control of the microenvironment of the workstation.

Well-being fits very well into our DNA. Studying the work environment, and its users, is key to understanding how well-being by design can be achieved to generate the engaged and informed operators/users.

Involving operational and theoretical experts in the different human factor domains, as well as working with world renowned academies, helps us keep at the cutting edge of designing sustainable and functional high-end work environments for the current and future generations of users. We believe this is a key factor in reducing downtime and shutdowns.

CDE gathers global expertise in several disciplines such as human factors, control room designers, telepresence experts, technical integration experts and architects. We leverage this expertise to provide state-of-the art solutions and new innovations.

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Innovation Wellier creates a safer and more inclusive work environment


Innovation Garage

The single most important assets in high-end user environments are the individuals/operators. As technology advances it is becoming more important to be able to leverage the technology and ergonomics to assist the individual with the best possible circumstances. Increased data, increased alarms and increased asset information all put strains on system users. Advances in predictive analysis and AI allows for the simplification of these tasks as well as improving the reliability of the decision-making process.

In CDEs innovation garage we put much effort in developing the latest products to enhance the health of the work environment and well-being of the individual working in the environment. In this environment we test the solution in our own innovation before being installed in operational environment.

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