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Pre-study design support

High-end desk development

CONTROl room design Configurator

Pre-study Design Support

Early intervention of control room design with the use of relevant expertise can help to save money while ensuring the facility is arranged to take advantage of current and future ergonomic thinking. CDE has more than 100 years of domain experience in this field and know how to guide our clients away from the most common design errors.

A well-designed control room, suitable for long term use, requires the input of several stakeholders from operations and maintenance all the way to the boardroom. CDE has the expertise and experience to bring all the stakeholders together and extract the most relevant information to aid the design of a world class solution. CDE has found that hosting workshops is a great method of understanding a client’s requirements whilst ensuring the conversation is managed so all stakeholders gain an understanding of the overall requirement. These workshops always result in gaining the ‘buy-in’ from all levels of business whilst generating real enthusiasm for the project. The control room is not only the window into the plant, but also a window into the business and success here often leads to a successful business.

High-End Desk development

Operator Desk Integration

CDE had the possibility to start design new series of operator workstation during the pandemic. The result is a next generation workstation made to adjust for personnel ergonomic preferences and create a safer work environment. It invites to collaboration and allows operator to work quietly when needed with adjustable visual sound barriers and directional and public sound.

Our desks is designed in projects together with customers and produced by our sister company Dee-Production.

The first development is Wellby
TM. A modular concept which fully equipped creates an adjustable and safer microenvironment adaptable for each individual need during a work shift . Prepared to promote improved human wellbeing for all types of critical decision environments in a post-pandemic world. 

Control Room Design Configurator

The control room design configurator gives a good understanding for how we can design a high-end operator desk environment. It enables you to configure your own state of the art environment for your project. 

The development is in Beta-mode, have a try at Dee-Production here.